Scope of Practice

All Shining Light Doulas adhere to our Scope of Practice and Code of Ethics. This is to ensure a high quality of service to our clients.

Birth Doulas, Scope of Practice:

  • Doula’s primary responsibility is to her Client and recognizes that this is her Client’s birth.
  • Doula supports her Client’s birth plan and helps her Client to make informed decisions regarding her birth and parenting.
  • Doula provides physical, emotional, informational, and mediation support to her Client.
  • Doula will, as needed, respectfully mediate and negotiate on the Client’s behalf.
  • Doula does not provide medical care, advice or interpretations.
  • Doula will not attempt to diagnose a Client’s ailment, symptoms and/or injury.
  • Doula will support birth in the hospital, birth center or as a planned homebirth. Doula will support cesarean section birth.
  • Doula will support a diverse range of clients, including but not limited to: LGBQT, single parents, alternative family structures, etc.
  • Doula must make appropriate referrals if Client’s needs are out of the Doula’s scope of practice.

Additional information on a Doula’s Scope of practice may be found through DONA and CAPPA.

Birth Doulas, Ethics:

  • Doula will maintain her certification and practice within the scope of her certifying body. Doulas in-training will work towards certification and practice within the scope of her certifying body.
  • Doula will become and remain professionally competent through continuing education and by connecting with related organizations and local health care providers.
  • Doula will carry professional liability insurance.
  • Doula will respect the privacy of and confidentiality related to her Client.
  • Doula will be respectful to other birth professionals, as well as her Clients.
  • Doula will promote the general health of women and their babies and advocate for mothers’ rights, choices and the mother-baby bond.
  • Doula will maintain work-life balance so she may better support the mothers and families she serves.

Coming Soon – Postpartum Doula Scope of Practice and Ethics