Shining Light Doulas are true professionals who are fully insured and certified by reputable organizations, such as DONA and CAPPA. Our doulas work within the scope of their practice and use evidence-based techniques and information to facilitate your birth experience. Our doulas are required to participate in continuing education to build their skill sets and to ensure they are up to-date on all current industry practices.

Our business model provides a living wage to all Shining Light Doulas such that they can devote themselves full-time to their doula work and continuing education.

Your contract with your doula is clear and mutually beneficial, both to the doula and to you, the client. All costs and fees will be clearly outlined in the contract. All policies are spelled out and are easily accessible to you.

You will have complete access to a back-up doula through our Doula Duos™ offering. You will know who the back-up is and will have met with both the doula and the back-up doula several times before your birth.

All meetings with your doula(s) are in a private meeting space located within Shining Light Prenatal Education. All paperwork and information you provide to us will be kept confidential.

Shining Light Doulas also provides an additional service offering to those clients who find themselves in a bit of a bind, with regards to not having signed with a doula, by the end of their pregnancies.

All Shining Light Doula clients receive a complimentary membership to Shining Light Prenatal Education. This will give you discounted access to an array of classes and workshops for pregnancy, postpartum and parenting.

Please explore the website for more details and do contact us with questions or to set up your free initial consultation.